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Your right to represent yourself
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Your right to represent yourself

legal advice and the independent paralegal

   Consumer protection is the reason usually advanced by the legal profession to justify handing it the exclusive right to give legal advice.  According to this view, poor legal advice can cause such serious harm that a license should be required of those who provide it.  Numerous studies of this issue, however, have shown that his fear is unwarranted.  No study has produced concrete evidence that legal advice from non lawyers causes more harm than that sold by licensed lawyers.

Your right to represent yourself.

More people are starting to take the law into their own hands.  People are becoming hungry for information about law and self help legal material.  And many are taking the do-it-yourself route to handling their own simple or routine legal matters.
The right to represent yourself is a basic concept of federal constitutional law and is recognized by the courts as fundamental to our system of individual liberties.  However, it isn't alway advantageous unless you have knowledge of the law.