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The Perils of incomplete planning

An organized thoughtful woman worked diligently, pulling together information that her loved ones would need upon her death.  She wrote out her wishes, secured burial arrangements, gathered documents and stored all of the papers in a bank safe deposit box.
She was conscientious about reviewing and updating the information over time.  She taped the spare key to the safe deposit box to an index card and carefully wrote the number of the safe deposit box on the card.  She showed the key and box number to her adult children and stored the index card in a known safe spot in her house.
When she died, her children met at her home.  The retrieved the index card from her desk.  Only then did they realize that she had forgotten one small detail:  the location of her safe deposit box.  She had moved several times, and they didn't know where to start--which bank, at which branch or address or even in which town.
And even if they had known where to look for the box, they would have been in for a shock.  The papers that would have authorized them to look inside were locked in the box itself!
Planning ahead can make all the difference to your survivors. 
Seven steps to preparing a planner:
Prepare planner pages
Put you planner in a binder
Store your planner
Complete the easiest topics first
Tackle the essential topics next
Take on more complex topics after that
Complete your letter and instructions
A+ Paralegals can help you with your planner and the organization of the planner.  Give us a call at 775-830-7998 or visit our website at www.aplusparalegals.net