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The Perils of incomplete planning
writing a last letter to loved ones to include in your will or trust package
legal advice and the independent paralegal
Transfer an LLC upon the death of the owner
Don't leave home without out it-a will


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Your right to represent yourself
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The Perils of incomplete planning

An organized thoughtful woman worked diligently, pulling together information that her loved ones would need upon her death.  She wrote out her wishes, secured burial arrangements, gathered documents and stored all of the papers in a bank safe deposit box.
She was conscientious about reviewing and updating the information over time.  She taped the spare key to the safe deposit box to an index card and carefully wrote the number of the safe deposit box on the card.  She showed the key and box number to her adult children and stored the index card in a known safe spot in her house.

writing a last letter to loved ones to include in your will or trust package

Letter to Loved Ones (aka Ethical Will)
An “ethical will” is not alegal document; it’s a personal letter or statement about the experiences,values, and beliefs that have shaped your life. You can do this in the form of a letter, an audio recording or a videorecording:
Tips for writing your letter
Write only the letter that you want to write-no longer ormore elaborate.  You might want to writeto just one person or two or three-but you certainly don’t need to addresseveryone in your life.

legal advice and the independent paralegal

   Consumer protection is the reason usually advanced by the legal profession to justify handing it the exclusive right to give legal advice.  According to this view, poor legal advice can cause such serious harm that a license should be required of those who provide it.  Numerous studies of this issue, however, have shown that his fear is unwarranted.  No study has produced concrete evidence that legal advice from non lawyers causes more harm than that sold by licensed lawyers.

Transfer an LLC upon the death of the owner

If you own or are a member of an LLC, you may not have considered the business ramifications that your death might have on your business.  You can write in provisions into your LLC operating agreement that will protect you and your partner(s) should something happen to one of you. 
So what will happen with your portion of the business if you die?  Do you want this to be run by your spouse or one of your adult children?  Have you made provisions within your operating agreement?

Don't leave home without out it-a will

Creating the perfect, worry-free vacation usually involves planning ahead.  Along with your usual pre-vacation checklist, I'd like to suggest that you take care of one more thing before you leave....create or update your Will.
Many vacationers come to A+ Paralegals, LLC to make a Last Will or Living Will.  It is a quick process and easy to do!  It's also affordable.  Our Wills contain provisions that help you to better protect your loved ones-and make sure your wishes are known.

Your right to represent yourself.

More people are starting to take the law into their own hands.  People are becoming hungry for information about law and self help legal material.  And many are taking the do-it-yourself route to handling their own simple or routine legal matters.
The right to represent yourself is a basic concept of federal constitutional law and is recognized by the courts as fundamental to our system of individual liberties.  However, it isn't alway advantageous unless you have knowledge of the law.

The demand for Independent Paralegal Services

The independent paralegal movement is growing rapidly all across America.  The average american, faced with news stories about the glut of attorneys, at the same time that he finds even routine legal services prohibitively expensive, is increasingly supportive of high-quality, low-cost paralegal alternatives.  For example, in Arizona and California, more than 60% of divorces are now done without lawyers.
As people find it easier to learn about the law, they also win more confidence in their ability to handle their own affairs, especially if they have some knowledgeable clerical help such as that offered by independent paralegals. 

Creating a Will

More than 70% of American adults don't have a Last Will.  And this includes millions of people with young children.
Do you have a will that is current?
A Last Will is one of the most important-and most overlooked-legal document.  Every adult should have one, regardless of age or assets.
Your Last Will is one of the most important documents you'll ever sign.  Don't let another day pass you by without it.
Take the time to make sure your loved ones are protected by working with A+ Paralegals.

Quote for the day

Quote for the day-
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.  Samuel Adams
Seems pretty relevant to our society today as well, don't you think?

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